10 Ocean Freight Companies in UK

10 Ocean Freight Companies in UK


The United Kingdom’s strategic location and robust maritime infrastructure make it a key hub for ocean freight activities. In this article, we’ll explore ten prominent ocean freight companies in the UK. These companies excel in providing comprehensive maritime logistics solutions, ensuring the smooth transportation of goods across the seas.

Understanding Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is a critical component of international trade, involving the shipment of goods via sea routes. The following companies have established themselves as leaders in the UK’s ocean freight industry, offering reliable and efficient services to businesses engaged in global trade.

1. Far East Shipping (UK) Ltd

Far East Shipping (UK) Ltd
Soucing: https://fareastshipping.co.uk/

Founded: 2022

Location: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, London EC1V 2NX

Services: Independent shipping company, providing ocean freight and air freight services between the UK and The Far East

Far East Shipping (UK) Ltd is a renowned name in the UK’s ocean freight sector. They specialize in shipping to and from the Far East, offering a range of services such as container shipping, project cargo, and logistics solutions. With a strong global network, Far East Shipping (UK) Ltd ensures the secure and timely delivery of cargo.

2. D & K Freight

D & K Freight
Sourcing: https://dkfreight.co.uk/

Founded: 2005

Location: Unit E Ground Floor, 429-431 Wick Lane, Bow , London, London E3 2JG

Services: Ocean Freight Services

D & K Freight is a trusted player in the UK’s maritime logistics landscape. They provide comprehensive ocean freight services, including full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) shipments. D & K Freight is known for its customer-centric approach and cost-effective solutions.

3. FPF Global Limited

FPF Global Limited
Sourcing: https://fpfglobal.com/

Founded: 2016

Location: UK

Services: Import & export freight services to customers across the UK

FPF Global Limited is a leading ocean freight company that offers a wide array of services, including door-to-door shipping, customs clearance, and project cargo management. Their expertise extends to various trade lanes, making them a preferred choice for businesses with diverse shipping needs.


Sourcing: http://www.fusionfreight.com/

Founded: 1994

Location: Unit 3 Kingsmark Court Intercity Way, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS13 4PN, UK

Services: International freight forwarders

FUSION FREIGHT stands out for its innovative approach to ocean freight. They leverage technology to streamline the shipping process, providing real-time tracking and efficient documentation services. FUSION FREIGHT is committed to delivering transparency and reliability to its clients.

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5. Puma Cargo UK

Puma Cargo UK
Sourcing: https://www.pumacargo.co.uk/

Founded: 1974

Location: Suite 5, Dorial House, 89A New Road Side, Horsforth, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS18 4QD, UK

Services: Reliable range of International Freight Forwarding and Logistics services

Puma Cargo UK specializes in ocean freight services, connecting the UK to global markets. They offer a range of shipping solutions, including full container shipments and break-bulk cargo. With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Puma Cargo UK is a trusted partner for international trade.

6. Arab Cargo

Arab Cargo
Sourcing: https://arabcargo.co.uk/

Founded: 1977

Location: United Kingdom

Services: Freight-forwarders to the Middle East offering a wide range of transport solutions by air, road and sea

Arab Cargo is a key player in ocean freight between the UK and the Arab region. They provide tailored shipping solutions, including container shipping and bulk cargo services. Arab Cargo’s strong presence in both regions ensures seamless connectivity for businesses.

7. DG Freight

DG Freight
Sourcing: http://www.dgfreight.co.uk/

Founded: 1990

Location: United Kingdom

Services: Operator between the UK, and the remainder of Europe

DG Freight is a comprehensive logistics provider with a strong emphasis on ocean freight. They offer end-to-end solutions, including shipping, customs clearance, and warehousing. DG Freight’s commitment to customer satisfaction and compliance sets them apart in the competitive industry.

8. Marco Services

Marco Services
Sourcing: https://www.marco-services.co.uk/

Founded: 1990

Location: United Kingdom

Services: Expert Ocean Freight Forwarding

Marco Services is a well-established ocean freight company in the UK, specializing in container shipping and logistics solutions. They have a global network of partners, ensuring efficient cargo movement across international waters. Marco Services is known for its reliability and attention to detail.

9. Millennium Cargo

Millennium Cargo
Sourcing: https://www.millenniumcargo.com/

Founded: 1987

Location: United Kingdom

Services: Sea freight, air freight and road freight services

Millennium Cargo is a respected name in the UK’s maritime logistics sector. They provide a range of ocean freight services, including consolidation, deconsolidation, and door-to-door delivery. Millennium Cargo’s experience and commitment to excellence make them a valuable partner for businesses.

10. JS Forwarding

JS Forwarding
Sourcing: https://www.jsforwarding.co.uk/

Founded: 1983

Location: United Kingdom

Services: A leading independent UK freight forwarder 

JS Forwarding is a dynamic player in the UK’s ocean freight industry. They offer comprehensive shipping solutions, including container shipping and project cargo management. JS Forwarding’s customer-centric approach and adaptability to changing market needs make them a reliable choice for ocean freight services.


Selecting the right ocean freight company is crucial for businesses engaged in international trade. The ten companies mentioned in this article have proven themselves as reliable, efficient, and customer-focused partners in the transportation of goods across the seas. Whether it’s connecting the UK to the Far East, Arab regions, or global markets, these companies play a vital role in ensuring the smooth flow of maritime logistics.

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1. What is the difference between FCL and LCL in ocean freight?

FCL (Full Container Load) refers to shipping a full container of goods, while LCL (Less than Container Load) involves consolidating smaller shipments into a shared container. FCL is often more cost-effective for larger shipments, while LCL is suitable for smaller quantities.

2. How do ocean freight companies handle customs clearance?

Ocean freight companies typically have in-house customs clearance experts or work closely with customs brokers. They handle the necessary documentation, compliance checks, and payment of duties to ensure a smooth customs clearance process.

3. What is door-to-door shipping in ocean freight?

Door-to-door shipping in ocean freight involves the transportation of goods from the sender’s location to the recipient’s doorstep. It includes all aspects of the shipping process, from pick-up at the origin to delivery at the final destination.

4. How do ocean freight companies ensure cargo safety during transit?

Ocean freight companies employ various measures to ensure cargo safety, including proper packaging, securing goods within containers, and adherence to international shipping standards. Additionally, real-time tracking systems enable monitoring throughout the journey.

5. What factors should businesses consider when choosing an ocean freight company?

When selecting an ocean freight company, businesses should consider factors such as the company’s experience, reputation, range of services, global network, compliance with regulations, and customer feedback. Choosing a company that aligns with specific shipping needs is crucial for a successful partnership.

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