10 Air Fright Companies in Canada

10 Air Fright Companies in Canada


Canada, with its robust air infrastructure and well-established international trade connections, relies significantly on air freight for imports and exports. In this article, we’ll explore ten reputable air freight companies in Canada. These companies play a crucial role in facilitating the smooth transportation of goods by air, offering reliable and efficient air logistics solutions.

Understanding Air Freight

Air freight serves as a foundational element of global trade, involving the transportation of goods through aerial routes. The following companies in Canada have established themselves as leaders in the air freight sector, providing comprehensive services to businesses engaged in international trade.

1. eShipper


Founded: 1999

Location: Brampton, Canada

Services: Providing better & accurate services

eShipper, your all-in-one Cloud shipping solution, provides instant quotes, carrier comparisons, and easy pickup scheduling from your computer. Integrated with major shopping carts, we empower your eCommerce growth. Whether shipping 1 or 100 items, we enhance performance and reduce costs, allowing you to focus on expanding your bottom line.

2. Trans-Pro Logistics

Sourcing: https://www.trans-pro.com/

Founded: 1989

Location: Montreal, Canada

Services: Ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering meticulous service continue to be top priorities.

Trans-Pro Logistics is committed to delivering unique value for customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. Our strategy focuses on fostering robust relationships and partnerships to achieve WIN/WIN scenarios. Engaging employees, satisfying customers, and seeking innovative, action-oriented solutions are integral to our approach, ensuring a collaborative and successful journey for all stakeholders.

3. Speedy Air Cargos

Sourcing: https://www.speedycargo.com/

Founded: 1985

Location:Vancouver, Canada

Services: Anything , anytime , anywhere services providing

Established in 1985, Speedy Air Cargo emerged to address the escalating demand for responsive, reliable, and personalized logistics services. While competitors embraced technology, replacing knowledgeable staff with automated systems, we recognized the limitations of generic solutions. Conversing with computers proved intriguing but inefficient. Recognizing the urgent need for improvement, we strive to provide a more effective and customer-centric alternative, delivering results beyond scripted responses.



Founded: 2012

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services:  World wide cargo services


Air and Sea Forwarders prioritizes efficient, safe, and secure cargo delivery. Explore our website for details on our comprehensive services, covering air freight, sea freight, truck freight, rail, and customs clearance. Contact us via the internet, email, telephone, or fax, and our friendly staff is ready to address any queries, ensuring you have the information you need for a seamless experience.

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5.Air-Ship International

Sourcing: http://www.airshipintl.com/

Founded: 1999

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services: Providing Documentation and warehouse services

Privately owned and independent, Air-Ship is committed to delivering consistently reliable services. Our comprehensive offerings encompass documentation services (Letter of Credits, Legalization, Certificate of Origin, and Export Declarations), warehousing in multiple locations, and container stuffing and de-stuffing. Beyond shipping, we provide value-added services such as loading and transferring a diverse range of goods, ensuring customer satisfaction with every transaction.

6. TradeLink International


Founded: 1993

Location: Burlington, Canada

Services: Delivering worldwide

TradeLink International Ltd. has been delivering customized, flexible, and innovative logistics solutions for nearly 25 years on behalf of global clients. A wholly Canadian-owned corporation based in Burlington, Ontario, we are consistently acknowledged for operational excellence and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Serving clients across diverse sectors, we address unique logistics challenges with expertise and commitment.

7. Cargopedia

Sourcing: http://www.cargopedia.com/

Founded: 2003

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services: Providing high quality freight services 

With over 25 years of experience and a global presence through offices and agents, Cargopedia stands out as a premier choice for cargo transportation. As a member of FIATA, CIFFA, and the Mississauga Board of Trade, we excel in moving FCL, LCL, and Airfreight shipments worldwide. Our comprehensive services encompass shipping, freight brokerage, customs clearance, forwarding, inland transportation, warehousing, polarization, and specialized expertise in handling dangerous cargo, chemicals, minerals, stones, equipment, and project shipping.

8.Global Pack N Ship Plus

Sourcing: https://www.cdlogistics.ca/

Founded: 2003

Location:Surrey, Canada

Services: Services provided anywhere in the world

GPNS Logistics is dedicated to understanding and surpassing your expectations. We commit to meeting your needs promptly and effectively. When you contact us, a live person at GPNS Logistics will address your inquiries immediately, offering quick answers and instant quotations, ensuring a responsive and efficient customer experience.

9. CSA Transportation


Founded: 1986

Location :Toronto, Canada

Services: Providing international air  freight, international and domestic courier services .

We cultivate relationships through a deep understanding of our customers’ shipping requirements. With a no voicemail policy, personalized solutions, and a friendly approach, we ensure a positive experience. Our goal is to inspire confidence every time our customers reach out to us, fostering trust and satisfaction in our service.

10.LEGACY Supply Chain Services


Founded: 1983

Location: Brampton, Canada

Services: Third-Party Solutions for Dynamic Supply Chains

With almost 40 years of expertise, LEGACY Supply Chain Services has been a steadfast logistics ally for clients in the U.S. and Canada. Offering tailored third-party solutions such as warehousing, distribution, e-commerce fulfillment, transportation brokerage, and dedicated fleet services, we excel in resolving intricate logistics challenges. Our focus spans retailers, consumer and industrial goods manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers, ensuring optimal support for dynamic supply chains.


Choosing the correct air freight company is pivotal for businesses engaged in global trade. The ten companies highlighted in this article have established their reputation as dependable, effective, and customer-centric allies in international cargo transportation. Whether facilitating connections between the USA and global markets or managing specialized shipments, these firms are integral to maintaining seamless maritime logistics.

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1. What is Air  freight?

Air freight is a service that involves transporting goods or cargo by air using commercial or cargo aircraft. It is a fast and efficient method of shipping goods internationally or domestically.

2. How do I choose the right air freight company?

Consider factors such as the company’s reputation, experience, reliability, shipping rates, network coverage, and customer reviews. Ensure they have the necessary certifications and comply with regulations.

3. What are the benefits of using air freight services?

Air freight offers faster transit times compared to other shipping methods, making it ideal for time-sensitive shipments. It provides a reliable and secure mode of transportation and is well-suited for high-value or perishable goods.

4. How are shipping rates calculated for air freight?

Air freight rates are typically based on the weight and dimensions of the cargo, as well as the distance traveled. Factors such as fuel prices, handling fees, and customs duties may also contribute to the overall cost.

5. What is the difference between air freight and express air shipping?

Express air shipping is a premium service within air freight that offers even faster delivery times, often with door-to-door tracking and customs clearance services. It is suitable for urgent or time-sensitive shipments.

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