10 Fulfillment Companies in Canada

10 Fulfillment Companies in Canada


In the dynamic realm of e-commerce, Fulfillment companies in the Canada emerge as vital collaborators, streamlining order processing, inventory management, and shipping logistics. This article delves into ten reputable fulfillment companies in the Canada, highlighting their expertise in enhancing efficiency, enabling businesses to concentrate on core operations, and ensuring swift, reliable nationwide delivery to customers.

Understanding Fulfillment Companies

Essential for e-commerce, Canada-based fulfillment companies streamline operations, ensuring efficient order processing and nationwide delivery. The following companies in the Canada have established themselves as leaders in the fulfillment industry, providing comprehensive services to businesses engaged in international trade.


Sourcing: https://www.joinehouse.com/workspace

Founded: 2020

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services: Ecommerce logistics at every scale

Ehouse, your dedicated logistics workspace, is designed to optimize daily operations and propel your eCommerce growth. Bid farewell to cumbersome logistics and welcome flexible storage, efficient deliveries, and top-tier fulfillment services—all at the best rates. Beyond logistics, we foster a vibrant eCommerce community. Engage in collaboration and knowledge sharing through workshops and networking events, empowering you to learn new skills and achieve global greatness. Ehouse is more than a logistics provider; it’s your gateway to a thriving community and limitless possibilities.

2. Bond Reproductions


Founded: 1992

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Services: Large network of logistic services

In 1992, BOND emerged as one of ten printing companies in a bustling Vancouver downtown block. Amidst fierce competition, BOND recognized the need to stand out beyond merely selling print. With an unwavering commitment to service, we adopted a “can do” attitude, eliminating barriers and prioritizing our customers’ needs. Quality was inherent, and though challenges arose, our dedication to doing our best never faltered. BOND’s ethos transcended selling print; it became a pledge to deliver exceptional service, setting us apart in a dynamic and competitive environment.

3.Trade Space


Founded: 2018

Location: Calgary, Canada

Services: The communication and distribution experts

Tradespace is a distinctive cowarehousing solution for manufacturers, craftspeople, and eCommerce, blending professional offices with warehouses. We redefine entrepreneurial success with flexible monthly workspace, making warehousing accessible for our diverse community. Join us at https://gotradespace.com/scheduling/ to explore how we empower growing businesses through versatile office and warehouse solutions.

4. National Fulfillment Services


Founded: 1965

Location: Calgary, Canada

Services: Providing multichannel fulfillment service

NFS is an established third-party logistics company offering comprehensive solutions for multi-channel fulfillment, warehousing, order management, customer service, and value-added services. Since joining the Metro Supply Chain Group in 2017, NFS has expanded to six locations globally, leveraging the group’s extensive resources to excel in e-commerce, B2B, and multichannel distribution. As part of Canada’s largest privately held logistics provider, NFS is well-equipped to handle complex projects, demonstrating its commitment to customer success through thought leadership and organizational synergy. Learn more about how NFS can contribute to your business growth.



Founded: 1997

Location: Mississauga, Canada

Services: Providing top-quality logistics services

Integrated Fulfillment Management Services Inc. (IFMS) is a complete fulfillment provider with facilities in Delta (near Vancouver, BC) and Mississauga (near Toronto, ON), Canada. Regardless of size or frequency, local or global, IFMS is equipped to meet diverse needs with skill and dedication. Operating in strategic locations, Toronto and Vancouver, IFMS offers cost-effective ground access to 99% of Canada’s metropolitan population within two business days.

6. Links Warehousing & Fulfillment


Founded: 1999

Location: Toronto, Canada

Services: Freight, quality control, product rework, co-packing, French translations, Web support, eCommerce, and online inventory management

Links Warehousing & Fulfillment is a versatile partner dedicated to addressing clients’ warehousing and fulfillment needs comprehensively. With involvement at any supply chain stage, Links manages goods from factory to customer door, ensuring compliance in freight and delivery. Offering a range of services, including freight, quality control, product rework, co-packing, French translations, web support, eCommerce, and online inventory management, Links tailors solutions to meet each client’s unique requirements.

7. NRI Distribution


Founded: 1997

Location: Montreal, Canada

Services:  NRI offers 3PL Pick and Pack services, Inventory Management, Vendor Compliance, Freight, Returns & Repair Management, EDI, Customer Service, and a variety of Brand Support Services.

Since 1997 NRI has been providing Boutique, Turn-Key Fulfillment services to the Apparel, Footwear, Action Sports, Outdoor and Lifestyle industries. With facilities in both western and eastern Canada and the USA, NRI offers 3PL Pick and Pack services, Inventory Management, Vendor Compliance, Freight, Returns & Repair Management, EDI, Customer Service, and a variety of Brand Support Services. NRI’s custom built 3PL Software Suite offers clients access to superior technology and seamless integrations. With years of experience and industry focus – over 150 leading brands of the Apparel, Footwear, Actions Sports, Outdoor and Lifestyle industries entrust their business to the team at NRI.

8. Nex Gen Grafix

Sourcing: https://nexgengrafix.com/

Founded: 1979

Location: Edmonton, Canada

Services: Awesome print in all sizes

In business since February 1979, nexGen Grafix Inc. was founded by Stuart DeJong and has since 2012 been operated by the next generation of his family. Numerous transitions took place along the way: changes in location, in equipment and in personnel. Despite growth from a one-man corner shop to a 15,000 sq.ft. modern facility geared for streamlined production, one thing didn’t change: a commitment to excel at putting ink on paper. Nowadays we print on many more substrates than just paper to serve the sign and display market. And we do so with some of the best equipment available, including a HP Indigo 12000HD digital offset press—the only one of its kind in Western Canada.

9. Fripp Warehousing

Sourcing: https://www.frippwarehousing.com/

Founded: 1996

Location: Kelowna, Canada


FRIPP WAREHOUSING, situated in Kelowna, British Columbia, provides comprehensive warehouse services and customizable storage solutions. Positioned strategically as the largest urban center between Calgary and Vancouver, we offer convenient access to the city center, major highways, and the airport, with on-site access to a rail siding. Our 100,000 square foot facility boasts full-service amenities, including 10 loading bays with hydraulic dock levelers for easy self-loading and unloading. Clients enjoy 24/7 access to our secured facility, allowing flexible scheduling for transportation arrangements that suit your business needs.

10. Orchard Vale Naturals

Sourcing: https://orchardvalenaturals.com/

Founded: 2016

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Services:  Order fulfilment and contract packing services for retailers, e-commerce businesses and marketing agencies.

EastWest Bioscience (EAST:TSXV) is a vertically integrated company, excelling in consumer packaged goods, retail, supply chain management, manufacturing, and global distribution partnerships. Orchard Vale Naturals, certified with a Health Canada Site License and GMP Certified NHP Manufacturing capabilities, specializes in custom blends and production runs of various sizes for high-quality wellness products with swift turnaround times. With intellectual property for nutraceutical products and over 190+ Health Canada Natural Health Product Numbers (NPNs), EastWest Bioscience is dedicated to innovative health and wellness product development through 573.


Choosing the appropriate fulfillment partner is vital for businesses engaged in international trade. The ten companies highlighted in this article have established themselves as trustworthy, effective, and customer-centric allies in the fulfillment of goods across global borders.


1. What is fulfillment and why do businesses use fulfillment services ?

Fulfillment involves the process of receiving, processing, packaging, and shipping customer orders. Businesses opt for fulfillment services to streamline these operations, save time, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.

2. What services do fulfillment companies typically offer?

 Fulfillment companies commonly provide services such as order processing, inventory management, warehousing, pick and pack, shipping, returns processing, and sometimes even customer support.

3. How does the pricing structure work for fulfillment services?

Pricing structures vary, but they often include fees for storage, order processing, and shipping. Some companies charge a flat rate, while others use a variable pricing model based on factors like order volume, storage space, and additional services.

4. Can businesses integrate their e-commerce platforms with fulfillment services?

Yes, most fulfillment companies offer integration with various e-commerce platforms. This integration automates order processing, inventory updates, and shipping notifications, streamlining the entire fulfillment process.

5. How can businesses choose the right fulfillment company for their needs?

Businesses should consider factors such as services offered, pricing, technology integration, location, and client reviews when selecting a fulfillment partner. Conducting thorough research and understanding specific business requirements is crucial in making an informed decision.

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